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Verdun Reraon Townhouse San Juan City

Facilities and Amenities

Verdun Reraon Townhouse features resort-like amenities that complements a resident’s desire for invigoration when starting their day, or repose upon coming home. With Verdun Reraon Townhouse finely-appointed areas for social, interactive, and leisure activities, make up the oasis of a home that it is.

Nothing beats spending a day hanging out with friends or loved ones. With Verdun Reraon Townhouse amenities, relaxation is something that can be enjoyed not only by your own family but with neighbors and friends. All it takes is a few steps out the door.

The lifestyle of the residents Verdun Reraon Townhouse is chareacterized by luxury and convenience with generously spaced units and common areas and a wide array of recreational amenities.

Always have peace of mind here at Verdun Reraon Townhouse with our efficient and dedicated property management team that oversees the management of daily services, and the upkeep and maintenance of perimeter grounds and building features.

Verdun Reraon Townhouse for Sale in San Juan City

Verdun Reraon Townhouse for Sale in San Juan City